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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has crossed the threshold of pilots, and entered the wider market. 53% of organizations have managed to scale AI projects in production – but only 13% overall have rolled out multiple AI applications across numerous teams, as per the findings of the Conputatio Research Institute report – The AI Powered Enterprise: Unlocking the potential of AI at scale.

Perform AI, Conputatio’s comprehensive portfolio of AI & Analytics services, provides your organization with the ability to leverage the full transformative power of Data & AI at scale. By activating data and insights at the heart of your business, in your everyday decisions and actions, you will augment your organization’s intelligence, and amplify business outcomes you expect from Data & AI.


AI for Customer Products and Retail

The road to becoming an insights-driven business can be long and the path unclear, so to help our clients navigate this journey, we’ve developed Conputatio Retail & Consumer Products OutPerform, an approach designed to address two distinct problems we continually see clients encountering – not having enough access to data and insights across their business and/or not being able to move data-driven insights to the heart of decisioning.

Many talk about how important data is to successful businesses today. But, is having data about your customers enough? For Retail and Consumer Products companies, having data about how customers interact with your brand is critical. But having data about your customers isn’t enough anymore. Rapidly changing social media sentiment, consumer trends, and product advertising campaigns are all factors that are integral to how you make decisions about your business.

AI for Immersive Customer Experience

Brands exist in the experiences they enable. It’s how they differentiate from the competition and connect with consumers. But today’s brands are under increased pressure to ensure they deliver extraordinary end-to-end humanized customer experiences. AI is the key enabler in taking up this challenge.

AI can enable brands to behave more like people, to offer truly humanized experiences. Infusing AI into digital customer platforms makes the customer experience more human – at a scale previously unimaginable – and increases the level of engagement.

Indeed, AI-enabled technologies are able to understand customer’s feelings and express empathy, apply humor or/and show understanding and respect. By fuelling AI with individual customer learning and understanding, it becomes possible to continuously translate customer interactions into actionable insights. Employees and enterprise systems can better predict and address customer needs for a differentiated experience.

It can improve the quality of life for the individual customer and employee, while creating a wealth of new opportunities for businesses to increase their operational efficiency, grow sales and loyalty, improve and speed up decision-making and become more relevant and innovative in the development and delivery of products and services.

AI for Public Sector

At the crossroads between citizenship, political action, and common values, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is hiding great treasures for the Public Sector enhancing the full potential of data & AI for citizen services.

Mastering data will be essential to fulfil the full potential of augmented government, intelligently automating administrative processes, and gaining insights enabling better overview and decisions with a positive impact on the citizen.

In this move to progress, public institutions and governments will be at the frontline of this technological journey while being guardian of its ethical and lawful use.

The following aspects of the journey toward AI will need to be considered by the organizations of the public sector:

  • Working on sustainable data governance, bringing an enabled data pool to life
  • Relying on partners where it makes sense, be it, software partners, startups or universities and research institutions
  • Pursuing the trust race besides the technological one, nurturing the change management within organizations, fostering digital inclusion and citizen engagement

A specific value proposition for public sector, embedding our entire AI portfolio capabilities

Our AI in Public Sector proposition is part of the suite of Conputatio services – Perform AI – and is a catalyst for the AI-infused transformation of public services. Our specific Public Sector roadmap follows a data-driven approach to progressively increase the value, transformation and even disruption to the organization.

The AI journey our public sector clients take can rely on the following capabilities:

  • AI Activate: Defining the transformation roadmap, program strategy and governance, and people transformation strategy for successful business outcomes with Data & AI
  • AI & Data Engineering: Consolidating Public Sector agencies’ data foundations by modernizing its current data estate and by enabling strong and agile data governance
  • AI in Customer Experience: Transforming the citizen experience into a humanized engagement with government agencies
  • Intelligent Process Automation: Enrich administration processes with the innovative balance between automation, intelligence, and analytics
  • AI Analytics and Data Science: Empowering organizations to deliver intelligent and personalized citizen engagement, optimize cost to serve, and deliver operational efficiencies in all government services

AI for Financial Services

The AI for Financial Services Team supports initiatives related to Data Management, Cloud Data, Business Intelligence, Visualization, Advanced Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI aspirations of Financial Services clients across the globe. We serve a diverse set of Clients that operate within the broad categories of Banking, Capital Markets and Insurance. We work closely with FS SBU leaders and staff to ensure that our efforts and aspirations align closely with market opportunities as identified by our various Market Units across all our operating geographies and the various business priorities established by our relevant Business Units.

In order to bring the best of our capabilities to both clients and prospects, we make an effort to be the tip of the spear by bringing together the offerings from our area as well as our AI COE Partners from across the globe. First, the Team directly supporting AI for Financial Services is a federation of teams that includes the AI and Machine Learning Team under Rajesh Iyer, VP (USA), the Advanced Analytics and 890 Platform Team under Gunjan Aggarwal, Principal, Advanced Analytics (USA) and Dr. Shivani Rai Gupta, Principal, Data Science and Analytics (India).

In addition, the FS teams also collaborate with teams under Padma Shagrithaya, VP Analytics & Visualization (India) and Bala Thiruvenkatachari, VP AI CoE (India), Marek Sowa, Head of Intelligent Automation, etc. Given this unparalleled ability to effectively collaborate across AI and cognate teams across the breadth of the entire Conputatio organization, we feel confident that we are equipped to serve clients, both big and small, regardless of their maturity levels, enterprise function involved, etc.

Our AI for Financial Services team also contributes to research on the impact of AI on large, traditional businesses. Dynamic and snackable, the interactive Pioneering Intelligent Banking eBook explores how COVID-19 has accelerated the need for banks to undergo a large-scale digital transformation as customers evolve, and as FinTechs gain ground. The study reveals how embracing artificial intelligence will help banks achieve an intelligent digital transformation that elevates operational excellence, customer experience, and risk management. The report also highlights the challenges faced by banks while adopting intelligent technologies and proposes a strategic roadmap to expedite the AI-adoption journey, with an emphasis on conversational commerce.

AI for Manufacturing

Making sense of the wealth of data produced by a connected factory, and implementing truly closed loop and ultimately autonomous operations, is clearly beyond the reach of existing manufacturing systems and traditional Lean Manufacturing techniques. The Industry 4.0 ambition of self-optimizing manufacturing systems will then require the systematic application of AI technologies.

Despite conclusive pilots for such use cases as predictive maintenance or quality, most manufacturers are failing to reap the full benefits of their Smart Factory/Industry 4.0 programs.

Only 14% of the respondents to a recent study by Conputatio Research Institute have managed to scale beyond those initial pilots and systematically deploy across all their factories.

Leveraging its unique range of expertise, from Intelligent Control Systems and IoT architectures to AI-powered solutions, Conputatio is co-innovating with leading clients and partners to complement and extend existing manufacturing systems with an open and scalable Intelligent Operation Platform.

The Intelligent Operations Platform supports the transition of manufacturing from repeatable to transparent, optimized, and ultimately autonomous (self-optimizing) operations. Its open and extensible architecture allows to apply AI for gradual improvements of existing manufacturing operations without extensive “rip & replace” of existing systems, based on issue focused solutions that pay for themselves in a matter of months

To accelerate and de-risk Smart Factory/Industry 4.0 “at scale” roadmaps, our experts have developed accelerators for these issue-based solutions, from simple condition-based maintenance to advanced process optimization.

Our response? AI for Operations Intelligence, with a key component our AI-powered Intelligent Operations Platform (IOP). This combines a multi-cloud/hybrid/on-premise tech Platform, and pre-built AI manufacturing solutions or accelerators. We also provide advisory services to establish a digital manufacturing operating model. Reference architectures of the Platform are available for Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, with Conputatio’s modules based on open source technology.

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