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The Transport and Logistics faces a number of disruptive trends including the shifted focus on emerging markets for growth, digitization-driven challenges to established business models, over-regulation, exchange rate volatility and geopolitical uncertainty.

Conputatio helps the Transportation and Logistics industry overcome these challenges with its robust digital and technology solutions. We deliver digital transformation and technology services for the Transportation & Logistics industry that includes our clients across Air cargo, Railroads, Trucking, Distribution, Warehousing, Transportation, Courier, Parcel, 3PLs/4PLs, Freight Forwarders, Ports, Ocean Freight and Logistics companies all over the world. Through our deep domain expertise and technical capabilities in Digital, IoT, Logistic & Supply Chain, Blockchain, Infrastructure Transportation and Logistics Management, Mindtree touches every aspect of the supply chain for transportation, distribution, freight & logistics business delivering high value for its clients.

Conputatio is helping clients in digital transformation by identifying opportunities across the value chain to:

  • Increase Supply Chain Visibility: Improve end-to-end customer and partner experience across all channels
  • Deepen Supply Chain resilience: Leverage IoT and data analytics to predict demand and optimize availability of assets & infrastructure

Our Services

Data and Intelligence

We provide analytics solutions that leverage human and artificial intelligence to convert data into actionable insights. We provide business value of insights, improve time to insight and optimize cost per insight with a design thinking approach, data engineering and automation.

Internet os Things

We help you complete your digital transformation journey by merging IoT services with the physical world.By leveraging IoT and data, we help customers improve their operational efficiency, achieve greater productivity, enhance customer experience, Optimize cost and provide new revenue model possibilities We provide the expertise to optimize, evolve, and transform the IoT value chain – from ‘edge to experience’.

Packaged Enterprise Services

We are responsible for the largest SAP business suite on HANA migration in the world. Additionally, we are the first to offer customers SAP HANA across all three major providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

We don’t just implement enterprise technology. We marry your strategy, business intelligence, and back office systems to provide businesses with the competitive edge. You will experience results quicker, mitigate risks and lower your total cost of ownership.

We are pioneers of the automated enterprise – we use SAP technology to automate the mundane manual tasks and enable you to focus on delivering value and results.


At Conputatio, we are getting you to your future, faster! collaborate with us to accelerate and scale your business with cloud by enabling digital foundations, modernizing operations for an agile experience and innovating for scale. the core missions of our cloud services is to make it reliable, secure, cost-effective, adaptive and outcome-driven.


We deliver experience excellence by leveraging our global network of innovation labs and delivery centers. Our deep digital engineering expertise and AI-based tools enable us to scale at non-linear costs.

IT Automation Solutions

In today’s hyper-converged environment, you need to quickly respond to changing market dynamics, remain competitive and delight customers. IT operations are expected to keep pace with digital diversity and new approaches while keeping an eye on legacy investments, cost pressure and rising customer expectations. This has created a high-stress battle to simply stay in the same place without slipping behind.

Conputatio’s infrastructure and application experience enables high availability and continuous optimization in a hybrid environment across the business application ecosystem. A single and automated view of applications and infrastructure layer with MWATCH, Mindtree’s real-time monitoring platform, assesses performance and utilization to deliver greater value and insights.

Using our infrastructure management services, clients have consistently achieved cost savings, operational efficiencies, improved customer experience and, most importantly, peace of mind.

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