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The travel and hospitality services industry is witnessing large scale shifts and changes.

The internet has unleashed an immense potential to communicate and collaborate, giving rise to advanced travel management software and tools. Meanwhile, there is a tremendous surge in supply chain velocity, while the transport software segment evolves in tandem. This leads to reduced costs through information sharing and synchronization between trading partners and transportation service providers.

As a result, companies are re-envisioning existing frameworks, processes, and systems around transport and logistics management – leading to a holistic overhaul of operations and strategy. The objective is to harness the power of digital in order to drive down costs, enhance supply chain integration, and increase market power through customer fulfilment.


The travel segment, including but not limited to airlines, airports, travel intermediaries, cruise liners, and car rentals is witnessing an upturn. Passengers today want prompter and better services at cheaper costs. Therefore, it has become imperative for travel companies to provide differentiated offerings which also ensure greater market share.
Conputatio is committed to the travel business by applying technology at the forefront of customer experience. With a focused approach towards pertinent business processes in the industry, we envision a partnership with our clients and help them achieve optimum value from technological investments. We aim to maximize RoI by mapping processes to applications, infrastructure, and databases, thereby eliminating redundancies and cost overrun.


Customer experience is the key differentiator in hospitality industry. Keeping this in mind, Conputatio deploys new age platforms and applications that orchestrate superior end-user experience. We help our clients unlock a host of benefits through strategic investments in technology.

Our Services

Digital and Analytics

Our Digital & Analytics services helps design and build key platform components of customers’ Digital-Technology-Footprint ™ to power the Digital transformation journey.


DRYiCETM is an organic IP based software division of Conputatio that focuses on building products for transforming and simplifying IT and business operations by leveraging AI and Cloud.Read More

Infrastructure Management Services

Our Infrastructure Management Services has some of the most impressive credentials in the IT Vendor landscape. We have not only executed complex global IT transformation exercises but also helped run efficient IT services for more than 300 of the world’s leading companies.

Digital Process Operations

To help businesses address the changing industry paradigm, Conputatio Digital Process Operations (DPO) with its digital services and solutions is reimagining the role of technology from being a driver of marginal efficiency to an enabler of digital innovation and fuelling business performance.

IoT Works

At IoT WoRKSTM, we help create entirely new services that deliver measurable business outcomes. These experience will have an increasing role in differentiating enterprises and enable them to become a next-generation enterprise.

Digital Applications & Platforms

Our Applications business is structured around 11 integrated horizontal capabilities, allowing us to offer clients a full lifecycle of systems integration consulting services and a unified approach to developing the right solutions for their business needs.

Engineering and R&D Services

We are one of the world’s leading and fastest growing global engineering services provider. From product blueprinting to support, from software or hardware to mechanical, we work with more than half of the top 100 R&D engineering companies across the world. 

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