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Education is at a turning point where innovation has become necessary to meet the expectations of today’s students. Due to improvement in access to digital education and an explosion of programs offered by low-cost MOOCs, universities and colleges face competitive pressure to stay relevant.

Conputatio offers rich experience in bespoke digital and technology solutions that allow higher-ed institutions to deliver rich, broad and adaptive experiences to students, faculty and university staff. Our team of 200 education industry consultants are working with some of the biggest and most reputed universities globally to make higher education more effective and drive better outcomes.

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Smart Campus

The turn of this decade witnessed the graduation of millennials and entry of a next generation of students dubbed as Gen Zs. While millennials are tech-savvy, Gen Zs are digital natives who expect higher-ed institutes to lead the pack in adopting new technologies. They assume that institutes offer an environment where students learn and experiment with the latest and greatest across all fields. Their unconscious expectations of a seamless, connected and smart campus have become table stakes for higher-ed institutions. Moreover, ecosystem components – like next generation faculty members and administrators who expect consumer grade experiences – also tend to gain from smart campuses.

Fulfilling these ambitions has been a tussle for institutions grappling with discrete ecosystems and unperceptive data.

While the next decade may challenge the very concept of imparting education within institutes, it may also open avenues that were never heard of before. Investments made today towards smart campus initiatives will catapult such institutes to the next orbit of growth.

IT infrastructure, operations, applications, and support

In today’s hyper-converged environment, you need to quickly respond to changing market dynamics, remain competitive and delight customers. IT operations are expected to keep pace with digital diversity and new approaches while keeping an eye on legacy investments, cost pressure and rising customer expectations. This has created a high-stress battle to simply stay in the same place without slipping behind.

Conputatio s infrastructure and application experience enables high availability and continuous optimization in a hybrid environment across the business application ecosystem. A single and automated view of applications and infrastructure layer with MWATCH, Conputatio ’s real-time monitoring platform, assesses performance and utilization to deliver greater value and insights.

Using our infrastructure management services, clients have consistently achieved cost savings, operational efficiencies, improved customer experience and, most importantly, peace of mind.


We drive growth by solving complex business problems swiftly, via a design-centric, agile, and platform-driven method. We help our clients tackle the present and focus on what’s next. We do this at Digital Pumpkin™, where multi-disciplinary teams craft meaningful digital solutions.

Product Sustenance

The pace of technology reduces time to market for new products and shortens the life cycle of mature products. Although many customers actively use mature products, they expect those products to deliver new features and a rich, data-driven experience. Managing and supporting mature products while generating revenue and keeping customers happy is an ongoing challenge. Exploring options such as moving from on-prem to SaaS models can help companies better serve existing customers while acquiring new ones. However, to meet these expectations, drive added revenue and revitalize mature products, companies need a proven product sustenance partner.

Data And Intelligence

We provide analytics solutions that leverage human and artificial intelligence to convert data into actionable insights. We provide business value of insights, improve time to insight and optimize cost per insight with a design thinking approach, data engineering and automation.

Cloud - Solutions & Services

At Conputatio, we are getting you to your future, faster! collaborate with us to accelerate and scale your business with cloud by enabling digital foundations, modernizing operations for an agile experience and innovating for scale. the core missions of our cloud services is to make it reliable, secure, cost-effective, adaptive and outcome-driven.

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