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The public sector faces many challenges – globalization, budget cutbacks and increased citizen expectations. Conputatio works hand in hand with Government customers across the globe to help them meet those challenges through digital transformation strategies, technology delivery and citizen-led innovation.

Digital offers Governments the opportunity to reorganize and rethink the way services are delivered. We draw on our global community of Public Sector experts and our Applied Innovation Exchange – a unique ecosystem of start-ups, accelerators, incubators, strategic technology and business partners – to help customers to introduce new approaches and ideas to service delivery.

Our local consultants and delivery teams provide the critical interface between global thinking, technology partners and individual clients.

Our Solutions Group has delivered many successful transformation projects that align innovation with business needs for federal, state and local government agencies.

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Insights & Data for Public Sector

Deliver better public services, more quickly and cost effectively by unlocking the value in your data. Online transactions, and mobile and connected devices are generating a wealth of data; Conputatio helps governments use it to place their citizens’ at the heart of public services.

More than ever the pressure is on to reduce costs and improve services. Data, and the insights that can be derived from that data, can provide the tools to do this. They enable governments to understand their citizens’ needs, combat fraud and error in the systems, and improve operations. But unlocking those insights is hard. Existing data analysis infrastructures are inflexible and processes slow.

At the same time, new big data and analytical technology is promising the ability to tap into that data at a very affordable cost. But making that transition is not easy; it still needs to be done in a secure and reliable way that doesn’t compromise organizational integrity.

Insights & Data enables governments and public sector organizations to offer effective and secure digital public services and respond more quickly and accurately to customers’ and citizens’ needs. We help the public sector gain real insight and value from their data.

Public Security & Safety

In the new digital world we live in, public security and safety organizations are facing unprecedented shifts driven by three main socio-technical transformations:

  • The digitization of crimes – Next to Traditional crimes, such as robbery and theft, their digital counterparts also emerged, extending the area of threats for society to new types of cybercrimes;
  • New forms of citizen interaction – Mobile technology and the prompt availability of information via digital channels have modified the way in which people interact with public security and public safety agencies;
  • New digital tools and the growing value of data – In a data-driven world, security authorities are increasingly expected to use digital tools and the data available to better protect citizens, secure data and respond to criminal activity even before real threats appear.

Tax & Welfare

Tax & Welfare agencies across the world are investing in digital transformation. As citizens and businesses alike increasingly use digital means to interact with government, agencies must adapt their processes, culture and IT capability to remain relevant and responsive.

Governments are striving to increase tax revenues, and improve welfare provision to citizens. This means finding new ways to improve the end-to-end experience for citizens and businesses, stop benefit and tax fraud, and use new technologies to be more productive in the delivery of today’s digital citizen journey.

These are all areas in which Conputatio excels. As a leading provider in public sector consulting and IT services, our expertise in Tax & Welfare makes us the ideal transformation partner.

AI for Public Sector and Social Contract

At the crossroads between citizenship, political action, and common values, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is hiding great treasures for the Public Sector enhancing the full potential of data & AI for citizen services.

Mastering data will be essential to fulfil the full potential of augmented government, intelligently automating administrative processes, and gaining insights enabling better overview and decisions with a positive impact on the citizen.

In this move to progress, public institutions and governments will be at the frontline of this technological journey while being guardian of its ethical and lawful use.

The following aspects of the journey toward AI will need to be considered by the organizations of the public sector:

Working on sustainable data governance, bringing an enabled data pool to life
Relying on partners where it makes sense, be it, software partners, startups or universities and research institutions
Pursuing the trust race besides the technological one, nurturing the change management within organizations, fostering digital inclusion and citizen engagement

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