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Consumers want direct engagement with your company, and they want it now. That engagement will increasingly be personalized, intelligent – and digital.

Conputatio is purpose-built to guide consumer products companies as they master these market shifts and tech-triggered trends. Our team of consumer products experts works with you to create a digital vision and a transformation road map. We equip you to start projects today that ladder up to long-term strategic goals.

Conputatio knows from experience how to optimize consumer products operations across the value chain. We employ proven methodologies to adjust the levers of platforms, applications, processes, change, leadership, talent, and culture.

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OutPerform: Data activated

Traditionally the consumer products industry has, in many ways, relied on hunches and history far more than facts and figures. But today’s landscape requires more than guesswork. As consumer products organizations welcome data from third parties and work to build their own repositories, they gain the capability to know more – about their competitors, their customers, and the world in which they operate. At the same time, simply having data is not enough.

In part one of our OutPerform series, Impact< Insights < Data, we examined the value of insights-based decisioning and how consumer-products organizations can leverage data analytics to more accurately anticipate market shifts, better understand business dynamics, predict customer behaviors, and manage risk. In part two, we examine precisely how organizations can design and implement a holistic data strategy to enable the generation, implementation, and activation of such insights. We review both the technical and cultural aspects of this shift, as well as the steps consumer-products organizations can take to unlock the value of activated data.

Explore part two of our OutPerform series and how our approach can help your organization build the capabilities that are needed to create a data democracy by linking data to not only your vision but also your business goals.

Conversational Commerce

Conversational commerce is an unparalleled opportunity for brands to build highly valuable and valued personal relationships with consumers and use this new-found intimacy to drive brand preference and affiliation.

Research Institute

The digital journey is about treading uncharted and unfamiliar territory. It is riddled with questions and challenges. How can I scale digital initiatives across geographies? What kind of governance model should we consider? Do my employees have the right digital skills? How can I drive employee engagement in an age of declining loyalties? What is my role as a leader?

At the Research Institute, these are some of the questions we try to tackle in our research. We are curious and passionate about all things digital. We draw on our worldwide network of experts and work closely with academic and technology partners. We have dedicated research centers in the United Kingdom, USA, Singapore, and India.

The Research Institute was recently ranked #1 in the world for the quality of its research by independent analysts.

Insight-based decisioning for consumer products

Over the past several years, data has taken on a reverential or even mystical quality in board rooms around the world. Enter technology. Advanced applications, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), have been presented as one way for companies to harness the power of data. With these tools, it is possible for organizations to gather, analyze, and distil vast amounts of data into digestible observations. Indeed, many CP companies that have begun experimenting with AI and ML have uncovered interesting findings about the landscape, their customers, and their business.

Unfortunately, there is a difference between an interesting finding and a useful one. Data on its own has no real value to the business. Neither do analytic tools and technologies such as AI and ML, the likes of which have been around for decades. In fact, there is no meaningful link between investments in AI technology alone and business success. There is, however, a strong link between defining business needs and determining what AI can do to help. For these reasons, we think of the shift to insights-based decisioning not as a capability but as a new operating model – one that has the power to transform every CP organization.

Smart Reduction of Consumer Food Waste

The world produces enough food to feed everyone on Earth. Yet, almost one billion people live in hunger. Estimates are that between one third and half of all food produced globally is wasted or lost along supply chains every year. This amount alone would be enough to feed twice the number of hungry people in the world.

What if we start seeing food losses and waste not only as problems but also as an untapped opportunity? By forcing us to think differently, solutions to the food waste challenge can become enablers of policy changes, social development, environmental governance, and business innovation.


Many companies have invested significant amounts of money in programs to improve cybersecurity – the protection of consumer data, enterprise information, and intellectual property. But while cybersecurity is often seen in terms of the cost of mitigation – or the ramifications of a breach – it is also a business driver and can be a source of competitive advantage in the retail sector.

We probed this issue in a global survey of over 6,000 consumers and 200 retail executives, as well as in interviews with experienced cybersecurity executives.

Our research reveals that customer satisfaction and spending can drastically be improved by cybersecurity and data privacy assurance. Yet, very few retailers are leveraging this opportunity to gain competitive advantage. This report:

  • Explores how cybersecurity and data protection is a business driver
  • Assesses retailers’ understanding of consumer expectations for cybersecurity
  • Quantifies the gains for a retailer with a robust cybersecurity system
  • Provides recommendation on how retailers can leverage cybersecurity and data privacy to drive value and growth.

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