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A new future is being written for the automotive industry. Companies which have spent decades perfecting the production of vehicles are now reinventing themselves as mobility services providers in favor of environmental sustainability. At Conputatio we believe we have a role to play in inventing the future of the mobility industry. Whether your focus is to drive efficiencies through Smart Automation or drive growth through Smart Mobility, we partner with you as:

  • Digital platform provider
  • Agile transformation partner
  • Agile innovation partner

Our Services

Automotive Manufacturing

Security in the automotive industry raises several distinct challenges around the connected vehicle, as well as in manufacturing plants and across enterprise IT systems. These challenges appear at each stage of the plan-build-run lifecycle. Every base needs to be covered in order to prevent, detect, and respond to possible security threats.

Automotive Cybersecurity

Digital is changing the game for the manufacturing industries, and very much so for car manufacturers and suppliers. Smart, connected products, plants, assets and operations offer the potential for productivity gains, increased quality, cost savings and improved revenue. Our Digital Manufacturing services focus on improving the digital maturity of core manufacturing functions across product and asset life cycle management, operations management, system simulation, and industrial cybersecurity.

Automotive Connect

Automotive Connect is a range of propositions that allows automotive companies to take advantage of disruptive changes in the industry and of constantly evolving consumer behavior. Our solutions include as below.

  • AutomotiveConnect: OEMs
  • AutomotiveConnect: Supplier
  • AutomotiveConnect: Retailer
  • AutomotiveConnect: Commercial Vehicles
  • AutomotiveConnect: Heavy Equipment

Digital Engineering

Digitization and rapid advances in technology have revolutionized the industry, and very much so the Automotive industry. Incorporating the technology shift and open innovation partnerships we build engineering solutions for successful products and services in the intelligent automotive ecosystem. Our agile way of working and our global presence help us develop organizational and technological structures to drive efficient and value adding delivery of solutions.

Driving Automation Systems

Fully autonomous driving, one of the key outcomes of Intelligent Industry, is on its way. But the journey is still long and complex. Achieving acceptable levels of safety and reliability will need substantial verification and validation activity – requiring billions of kilometres of road tests, generating big data at scales rarely seen, and requiring infrastructure and analytics to process it.

Cloud for automotive suppliers

Market disruption in the automotive industry is presenting major challenges to everyone, including automotive suppliers. Technology megatrends (CASES), the potential and challenges of the digital industry, and unprecedented disruptors are forcing extensive changes to suppliers’ ways of doing business. Most of all it highlights the need for speed, both in entering new markets and in reacting to change. Without this, companies will no longer be able to compete.

To cope with these requirements, leading automotive suppliers are looking to become “renewable enterprises”: organizations that can constantly grow and adapt to new and changing business environments by unleashing the power of new digital technologies. Renewable enterprises enjoy:

  • Best-in-class agility so you can transform when required
  • Intelligence and proactivity
  • A smart approach to innovation

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